So, You Want to Be Consistent?

The #1 desire of players is consistency in their golf game.  It is without fail the first desire players express at the beginning of our work, but where is this elusive consistency found?  Let's discuss by first posing a few questions.


1. If you already hit good shots, do you know why?


Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You are in your follow through watching this amazing shot fly away from you and have no idea why you hit that amazing shot.  If there is no context as to what you executed or why it was so good then how could you expect that shot to be replicated?  If you already hit good shots then there is no need for an actual swing change, but more of any awareness of why the good shots already happen.  So before you consider tearing down your game, ask if you already hit good shots.


2. Have you experienced an injury or lasting effects from surgery?


If the answer is yes than all of the information on the internet is useless to your game.  All information that you are applying to your game MUST be based around the physical limitation(s) you are currently navigating.  The fastest way to be extremely inconsistent is to ask your body to execute a movement that it just cannot execute.  I work with quite a few people that are recovering from either injury, surgery, or dealing with the lasting effects of either/both.    If you are experiencing this please seek a qualified TPI or Gray Institute Professional. 


3. How many different swing thoughts do you "try" during the course of a round?


The most recent case study I have completed examines exactly this scenario.  The evidence is overwhelming in proving that each time you try a different swing thought it will first effect your consistency of contact with the ball, then carry distance, and finally your ability to control direction.  It is clear in everyday life tasks that it is impossible to obtain a consistent result without a consistent means to accomplish the task.  Many people have said that golf is a parallel to life and especially in this case they could not be more correct.


Consider these questions and how they apply to your game. Can you answer them?  If not reach out I'm happy to help.

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