Peter Egazarian, PGA, TPI

Teaching Professional - Taconic Golf Club

Owner/ Performance Coach - Northeast Golf Performance, Inc.

"This is a player centered environment guiding self discovery"

  • Class A PGA Member (11 Years)

  • NENY PGA Player Development Award Recipient

  • Jacobs 3D Adviser to New England

  • Gray Institute Golf Movement Specialist

  • Level 3 Junior Coach by The Titleist Performance Institute

  • Level 2 Golf Coach by The Titleist Performance Institute

  • K-Motion Certified Golf Coach (Sport Specific Bio-Feedback)

  • TrackMan 4 Owner & Level 2 Golf coach

    • (3D Radar of Club and Ball Data)

  • BodiTrak Ground Mechanics Certified Professional

  • Member of The Proponent Group (The Premier Network of Golf Instructors)

Collaborative Professionals

Robin Dufour, PT

Fitness & Wellness Professional

Owner - Berkshire Fitness Company

PT - Physical Therapist
FAFS - Fellow of Applied Functional Science
NG360 GPS - Nike Golf 360 Golf Performance Specialist
3D MAPS Certified - Movement Analysis Performance System

Katrina McTeague, M.S.

Elite Mental Skills Coach 

Owner - Key Sport Psychology

M.S. - Sport & Exercise Psychology

Member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology

United States Military the science and research behind mental skills training

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